JG Speedfit is truly a plumbing solution designed for everyone


Speedfit Africa is thrilled to be able to offer the South African public a truly new and innovative DIY plumbing solution. With a full range of fittings and pipe now available in-store, it is time get those small jobs done and save.

With its simple push-fit connector system allowing all connections to be made by hand, and all threaded fittings being hand tighten only, easy plumbing jobs are now possible for the DIY enthusiast too. Taking care of those sudden leaks and burst pipes, minor repairs and renovations that have plagued you, and simply do not warrant a qualified plumber’s attention, is now totally possible using JG Speedfit.

In years gone by the daunting task of fixing a leaking pipe or fitting would just about send everyone to the Yellow Pages for a plumber, and for good reason. Handling a blow torch is dangerous and don’t forget the tools you’ll need; solder, flux, a blow torch, wrenches, PTFE tape and other paraphernalia  to fix that minor problem – just call a plumber and keep it simple you know!

It is no wonder that plumbing has remained the domain of qualified plumbers or seriously qualified handymen for so long, and so it should remain for those big jobs. Most plumbing jobs are serious business and should be left to the professionals. Remember to use an Institute of Plumbing (IOPSA) registered plumber and check that they have signed up with the new Plumbing Industry Registration Board (2009) which ensures that their plumbers are all qualified.




The JG Speedfit DIY range is available at Builders Warehouse stores countrywide and we will continue to rolloout into more strores as soon as possible.


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JG Speedfit has recently aired for the first time on South African TV on 'Die Nutsman', episode 17, with Riaan Garforth-Venter and his great team.


For more information on DIY Projects visit www.nutsman.co.za







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