Welcome to the new era of plumbing where product selection has become an integral part of the overall success of your projects and the role of Speedfit Africa as a distributor in the market has been completely revolutionised by including excellent service delivery to the building industry.

We are introducing our Holistic Added Value Services (HAVS) to you because we believe we have the right product for you, and that Speedfit has the potential to simplify that crucial selection for on-going success in your projects.

Critical to success is matching the right products to the right project. Speedfit can be used in all construction medium from brick and plaster to timber, steel frames, prefabricated buildings as well as newer building technologies. Speedfit can be installed in single and multi-storey buildings as well as be used in a host of other applications such as yachts, caravans, RV’s and exhibitions.

Our services also ensure that projects are handled smoothly from start to finish which ensures that plumbers do not have to return to site to fix problems. In fact, all stakeholders are ensured that the specifications and use of the product is done according to the manufacturers guidelines and all the other important aspects of the project are handled correctly. Most importantly we aim to ensure that the people who will occupy these buildings will have a solution that will last for many decades.

We invite you to make use of our services to ensure that you gain the maximum benefits from using Speedfit as your preferred plumbing solution.


Project Services:


1. Free training for plumbers & certification - send a request for training to 

 2. Free water reticulation design to ensure optimal savings*

3. Free bill of materials and quotations** - send a request for a BOM to

4. Free on site support if required

5. Free site audits when required

6. Structured fault reporting procedures


Store Services:

1. Honesty and a real commitment to serving your interests

2. Committed & ethical personnel

3. Technical support to your customers

4. Professional demonstrations

5. Merchandising and Brochures

6. Regular calls on stores

7. Prompt deliveries free of charge***


    * This offer may be subject to a charge where design work exceeds 8hrs.

  ** All business is conducted through hardware and plumbing merchants & quotations are subject to finalisation by the merchant

*** Minimum order value applies 


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