The list of benefits in using the JG Speedfit range of products is extensive, all adding up to a cost effective and permanent solution that leaves the plumber without any doubt as to the superior quality and speed of the JG Speedfit push-fit solution.


  • Speedfit fittings and pipe are SABS approved to SANS 21003-1,2,3 & 5:2008.  


  • Speedfit is compatible with copper. Fittings are 15mm, 22mm or 28mm. All Speedfit pipe is of the same outside diameter (O/D) as copper pipe. This means Speedfit can be used on its own or in combination with copper for new installations as well as being used to replace brass fittings in existing buildings. Brass compression fittings can also be used with the Speedfit pipe.


  • Installation times can be reduced by 50% and sometimes more depending on the application. It takes approximately 3-4 seconds to make a permanent leak-proof connection.


  • No special tools (unnecessary costs)are required using Speedfit. All fittings are simply push-in by hand and threaded fittings are tightened by hand. The only tool needed for the job is a pipe cutter.


  • The Speedfit system is price competitive without being a cheap product. The Speedfit brand is founded on high quality and proven reliability.


  • Due to longer lengths of pipe used during installation the number of fittings used is dramatically reduced, by some 50%, and reports have indicated it could be more.


  • Both Speedfit pipe and fittings carry a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects in material and manufacturing.


  • Because the fittings and pipe are plastic there is virtually no resale value and therefore theft becomes a thing of the past. This benefit has been given a major thumbs-up from South African plumbers.


  • Speedfit fittings are truly demountable and reusable without damaging the pipe or fitting.


  • There is far less noise from water with Speedfit pipes and water hammer is eliminated.


  • Speedfit pipe and fittings are lead free and non toxic.


  • Pipe flexibility permits cabling of pipe through less accessible areas and it is easier to work with fittings in confined spaces.


  • Speedfit systems are corrosion free and there is no scale build-up.


  • Lower thermal diffusivity maintains safer surface temperatures and pipe is only warm to the touch.


  • No risk of fire or flames from a blowtorch or toxicity from fluxes used in copper systems.


  • A permanent leak-proof connection every time.


  • Speedfit is lightweight and easy to handle on site.


  • All pipe and fittings are manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict conditions.


  • All pipe and fittings are manufactured in a fully automated production process with a zero defect policy. Each fitting is quality tested at the end of the manufacturing process.




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